Cultural Lessons

Throughout the year, students learn about and participate in the greek culture and traditions such as Greek Independance Day (25th March), Oxi Day (28th October), Carnival (Apokries), Mother's Day, Father's Day, Sempahore Greek festival, and other important cultural events.

Dance Lessons

Students are taught traditional Greek Dancing and participate in dance performances at our annual school dinner dance, fundraising events, and at Semaphore greek festival.

Religious Lessons

As a Greek Orthodox School, students learn about Orthodoxy through religious lessons, church participation, and activity days (Easter Activity day, Christmas Activity Day, and the like).

School Band

For students who play an instrument, our school has it's own greek band practice.

Online Learning and Tenchnology

Students have access to classroom tablets and laptops preloaded with a range of educational apps and programs.
Lessons summaries are provided weekly and delivered by use of Google Classrooms. Students are provided with student email addresses in order to communicate with teachers and use online learning platforms.

During the 2020 COVID-19 restrictions, Port Adelaide Greek School was able to provide online lessons via virtual classrooms. With the infrastructure still in place, in the event of another outbreak, we will be able to seamlessly continue lesson delivery.