School Rules and Regulations


Students are required to attend school regularly. When students are absent, the school must be notified by calling the teacher or the principal on 0450 112 421 or completing the absentee form here.

Arrival and departure from school

Students are expected to arrive at school at least 10 minutes prior to commencement of lessons and must be picked up straight after the conclusion of school. The parents/caregivers are responsible for their children before and after these times.

Prescribed School Area

Leaving from the prescribed school area is not allowed. If parents would like their child to be dismissed from school or arrive late, teachers should be notified in advance and parents are required to sign their child out. If parents are not allowed on the school premises, a text message must be sent to the principal on 0450 112 421 upon arrival in order to deliver your child at the gate for pick up.

School activities

All students are required to participate in planned activities and functions organised by our school or in which our school is participating.

Church attendance

All students are encouraged to attend church regularly and are required to participate when the whole school is attending church.

Mobile phones

The use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited during school hours. Students who chose to bring mobile phones to school must submit their phones to their teacher or the principal at the start of the day and collect them at the conclusion of lessons.

School property

Respect and appreciation of the host school’s property is essential. Any damage or vandalism caused will be paid by the student responsible. Damage to school property may lead to suspension.


Improper behaviour and disrespect towards staff and fellow students will be brought to the attention of the principal and parents will be notified.

School Uniform

Students must wear the school uniform during school hours and during all formal functions and events where they represent the Port Adelaide Community and our school.