The Ethnic Schools Association of SA Inc. (ESASA) is the umbrella body representing 94 ethnic school authorities teaching 47 languages, of which Port Adelaide Greek School is included.

The principal belief of the Association is that all individuals have the right to maintain, develop, express and share their cultural heritages and all are equally entitled to participate in and benefit from the activities of ethnic schools.

The objects of the Association are:

  • to promote activities for the development and benefit of ethnic schools;

  • to promote and co-ordinate the teaching of languages, history, geography and cultures of ethnic communities;

  • to develop and promote communication and co-operation between ethnic schools authorities;

  • to co-ordinate and promote inter-ethnic school social and cultural activities;

  • to promote communication and co-operation with teachers, schools and institutions involved in languages teaching.

All Ethnic Schools in South Australia must have a suite of policies and procedures to meet duty of care towards their students.

The following policies ensure our Greek school provides the duty of care required for student safety and well-being (clicking on each link will redirect to ESASA's website and initiate a word document download):

For Further information click here to be taken to ESASA's website